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LAST EDITION for 2016-17 School Year!!!

News from The Top
May 19th, 2017

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Current Job Postings through Adams 12 HR Website

#41462 - Counselor (this job is open until filled as requested), applicants may not be contacted/interviewed until the required 7-day initial posting is completed at midnight on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

#41463 - .5 Science (combines with #41464 - .5 Math) closes at midnight on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#41464 - .5 Math (combines with #41463 - .5 Science) closes at midnight on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#41466 - .75 ELD Teacher - closes at midnight on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#41677 - FCS - will close at midnight on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Education Legislation The 2017 legislative session has ended and here are the highlights of the big issues impacting all of us in public education…

Funding  The school finance bill sets 2017-18 Total Program Funding at $6.63 billion, compared to the current $6.37 billion. Total program is the combination of state and local revenues used for basic school operating expenses.

  • The total negative factor remains at $828 million, this year's level. It appeared for a time that the 2017-18 negative factor would have to rise to $876 million. But revised, higher estimates of local revenue made it possible to hold the negative factor flat.

  • Base per-student funding, which all districts receive, is $6,546, a 2.8 percent increase based on inflation.

  • Average per-pupil funding across the state, including adjustments for cost of living, district size and other factors, will be $7,662. That's up from $7,420 this year.

  • According to the legislation, we are no longer going to use the term "negative factor" and will now revert back to using "budget stabilization factor."

Charters – Some charter advocates long have complained that revenues from district mill levy overrides aren't equally shared with charter schools. It's been a hot issue at the Capitol for at least two sessions, sparking intense debates over funding equality and district decision-making powers and autonomy. HB17-1375 requires:

  • If they choose, districts could develop "equitable" plans for using override revenues for traditional, charter and innovation schools by July 1, 2018. Those plans would have to be fully implemented by the 2019-20 school year.

  • If a district chooses not to create a plan, 95 percent of override revenues would be shared per-pupil with charters and innovation schools.

  • Schools could choose the 95 percent distribution instead of a district plan.

  • Beginning July 1, charters will have to post on their websites lists of and information about the waivers they have received from various state education laws. Charters also will have to post more information about their finances.

Testing – HB17-1181 replaces ninth-grade language arts and math tests with a version of the PSAT. It passed both houses unanimously, and bills to eliminate ninth-grade tests entirely or let districts choose their own were politely heard and quickly killed. (Some 69 education-related bills were introduced during the 2017 session; about 45 percent of them didn't make it.)

Finally, lawmakers this year also launched a couple of education studies. A two-year review of the school finance system was set up by HB17-1340. Under HB17-1003, the departments of education and higher education are assigned to look at teacher shortages and report to the 2018 legislature.

Mindfulness Retreat Remember Rona who facilitated a session during one of our PD days? She and her colleagues at PassageWorks are offering FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to a summer retreat specially designed for educators. Get away June 3rd through 7th at the beautiful Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes and start the summer off with total relaxation and renewal! Click HERE for more information.

General School Business

Monday, 5/22

8th grade to Elitch’s

7th & 6th grade Field Day

Tuesday, 5/23

Last day for 8th grade students

NO SCHOOL for 6th & 7th grade students

Wednesday, 5/24

Last day for 6th & 7th graders

6th grade breakfast

7th grade awards ceremony

7th grade pizza party

6th grade awards ceremony


(REMINDER) Academic Awards Ceremonies

8th Grade Awards are May 23rd at 10:30 am.

Parents of all students are invited, but tickets are limited to 2 per student. Rest assured, we will be livestreaming the whole ceremony on our webpage so you can watch it from the comfort of your home and your family members can watch from any location! Parents of students receiving awards will be notified on May 19th.  The ceremony will run about an hour and a half and if you are planning on taking your students home after the ceremony, please be sure to have your ID and be prepared to sign them out. If your student is going home with someone else, prior to May 23rd, please provide the office with the name of the individual who will take your child home,

7th Grade Awards are May 24th at 9:45 am.

6th Grade Awards are May 24th at 12:30 pm.  

Awards are presented for academics and scholarly habits. Parents of students receiving awards will be notified through autodialer and email THIS EVENING! The ceremony will run about one hour.

Description of Awards (6th, 7th & 8th Grades)

​Academic Excellence​

In all completed classes, the student’s combined Grade Reporting Criteria places them in the top 10% of their class.

Academic Achievement

​In all completed classes, the student earned either 3's or 4's in every Grade Reporting Criteria.

Excellence in Scholarly Habits​

In all completed classes, students have earned either 3's or 4's in every scholarly habit and scored in the top 25% of their class.

Counseling Den

Transition Stress The end of the school year is a tough time for many students. Difficulty with transitions can manifest in a number of ways depending on the child and the setting. It can take the form of resistance, avoidance, distraction, negotiation or a full-blown meltdown. Some of these reactions are the result of kids being overwhelmed by their emotions. And some are what they’ve learned works to successfully delay or avoid the transition. Click HERE to learn a few tips to help your child cope with the stress of this time of year.

Community News

May is Mental Health Month Colorado has just launched a new public health campaign to spotlight the stigma around mental illness so that people who need help are more likely to seek it. Despite the availability of effective evidence-based treatment, about 40 percent of individuals with serious mental illness do not receive care. The Let’s Talk Colorado campaign, which urges everyone to talk openly about mental health issues because one in five people struggle with a mental health condition, includes a website with ideas to prompt conversation, a toolkit of resources including a video, mental health stigma presentation, fliers and a newsletter article. Check it out!

(REPEAT) Hooked On Fishing Thornton Police Department School Resource Officers invite your kids to participate in the Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs Program. This program encourages kids to resist the temptations of drugs and avoid violence by spending time on alternate activities. Click HERE for an explanation of the program and HERE for the paperwork to register.

Safety and Security

Full School Evacuation Drill On Monday afternoon we will practice evacuation procedures for all 6th and 7th grade students and staff. This annual drill ensures students know the location for off school grounds evacuation staging and the procedure for transporting for reunification. Note, this will all take place at the baseball fields just south of the school and only take about 30 minutes.

Summer Safety Bugs, fireworks, ATVs and lawnmowers---safety first! Check out this website for some tips to keep your family safe throughout the summer months of fun.

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