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News from The Top
November 9th, 2017

(Para información en español llamen a la escuela 720.972.2209 y podemos traducir esta carta oralmente.  Gracias!

Upcoming Events

(UPDATE) Families in Need Please bring your non-perishable items to the front office before school. Thank you for your generosity and your support of Rocky Top Middle School, the Thornton Police Department and our community at-large. Here is our current classroom leaderboard. Keep the cans coming through November 17th!! Remember, the first core class that collects the most items will win a doughnut party, compliments of our NJHS group.





















General School Business

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW (11/10/17) There will be no school Friday as Rocky Top and Adams 12 Five Star Schools recognize Veterans’ Day. Remember to show your appreciation to someone who served!

National Recycle Day Wednesday 11/15 is National Recycle Day. Our school is crushing environmental responsibility and sustainability through recycling and composting. Join us in celebrating the hard work of students and staff everyday by doing your part at home and in the community!

Your Valuables Students, please do not bring high-priced items to school. Though we provide a locker for all students, we cannot guarantee the security of all items brought to school.  Though we will try to recover lost items as time allows, Adams 12 is not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to school. Parents, please reinforce this message at home.


History Repeats Itself? As our 8th graders wrap up their second instructional unit they are producing incredible work! The Essential Question for this unit was How has history repeated itself? After researching social injustices (Gender and Race Discrimination) through historical and current events, students explored one historical issue that is still relevant in society today.

Check out a few of their blogs!  

Student Exemplar 1 - Deja Absher

Student Exemplar 2 - Naomi Siefken

Student Exemplar 3 - Alexis Farquhar

Critical Thinking Today 6th grade science students in Ms. Brickley’s class were designing their own experiments with their own testable questions. They were also writing detailed observations on the changing states of matter to be used as evidence to back their scientific claims. What scientists!  


(REPEAT)International Expansion of Learning Katie MacLean's 6th grade classes (and possibly her Girls Who Code club) will be working with a school in Uganda soon! The instructor, Phyllis, and her students will use the wonders of modern technology to create collaborative projects with our Grizzlies. Students will work asynchronously on either cultural stories or games using SCRATCH in the spirit of multicultural exchange of ideas and projects through technology. Check out more information HERE.

Counseling Den

Help Us With Hygiene Middle school is a wonderful time of change for our students, but with change can come some interesting sights, sounds and SMELLS! We love them no matter what, but school can be a more comfortable place for our middle schoolers if they are adopting proper hygiene routines. Please check in with your student about their self-care routine so that we can ensure Rocky Top  is a pleasant learning environment for all.

8th Grade Career Expo 8th grade parents, please remember the Career Expo field trip is on Tuesday, November 14 and permission slips are due to 3rd hour teachers.  Students should attempt to dress professionally, however it is not necessary to go out and buy new clothing. Today, students were able to review the results from their Strengths Explorer assessment which helps to determine careers that might be in alignment with their strengths.  Be sure to ask your student what they learned about future career opportunities today!

World Kindness Day Monday, November 13th is World Kindness Day! Perhaps you can take some time this weekend to discuss acts of kindness with your student. On Monday, we hope to encourage all students to participate in at least one kind act for another student, staff or family member.  

Community News

(REPEAT) Public Safety The Adams County Board of Commissioners has set a Public Hearing to consider a Use by Special Review Permit from Ward Petroleum Corporation to allow twenty six (26) horizontal wells on one (1) well pad at the Ivey Wellpad Site for the production of oil and natural gas. The proposed pad location for the Ivey Wellpad is on a 31.7-acre parcel, southwest of the intersection of Highway E- 470 and York Street. Access to the site is proposed to be from East 152nd Parkway, which is located on the southern boundary of the property.

The Public Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8 at 6 p.m. at the Adams County Hearing Room - 4430 S. Adams County Parkway in Brighton. Here is a link to more information provided by a Grizzly community member.

(REPEAT) Colorado Student Leaders Institute The University of Colorado Denver will host the state’s best and brightest high school students this summer. The Colorado Student Leaders Institute (COSLI) is a month-long, state sponsored program where students live and study on a Colorado campus. Participants earn three hours of college credit toward one of two majors—International Social Studies or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math—and complete three hands-on projects. Applications will be considered through Jan. 31, 2018. First generation students and those eligible for free or reduced lunch are strongly encouraged to apply. Students can apply today at

(REPEAT)November is National Gratitude Month as well as...

Safety and Security

Only YOU Can Prevent Traffic Jams Are you frustrated with back ups on York Street in the morning? The good news is YOU can help! When you pull into the parent lot and are directed to the outside, or curbside, drop off lane you must pull forward as far as possible.  In some cases this means all the way to the curve at the north end of the lot. When you do this, more cars can enter the lot at one time so more students can get out; this speeds the flow of traffic. Similarly, if you are on the inside lane, pull as far forward in the drop off zone as possible so that more cars can enter the lot on the inside lane. Most importantly, NEVER drop off your students before entering the center of the lot as this is very unsafe for your child.tenor.gif

Right turn only Generally the configuration of the lot in the morning can accommodate the number of drop offs without major delays. The only time it gets backed up is when we have cars trying to turn left exiting the lot. This backup stops all lanes and can truly cause gridlock in the lot.  Please be respectful of your fellow Grizzly families and turn right out of the lot to avoid traffic jams.

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