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Mrs. Eubanks' Home Page

   Click on my BLOG for daily information and 

         I am available on Tuesday mornings 
       from 8:00-8:25 for drop-in help.  I am 
       also available most mornings or 
       afternoons if know the students are 
       coming in.  Please talk to me first so I 
       will be sure to be in my room.  (A                                                                           "Help Session Pass" should be 
                                                                  printed if the kids will be coming to 
                                                                  school early.  The link is on the left 
                                                                  column of this page beneath the FB/Tweet icons.)     

                          CLASSROOM LINKS


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Passcode:  rockytop

              Science World 

              Passcode:  bikesun9




                        Atoms and Molecules Quizlet

            Chromebook Norms

            6th Grade Syllabus

Additional Resources for Big Ideas
 SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY  Pendulums in the Dark



 What To Do When You Think You're Done

1.  Double check your work.  What can you do to improve your assignment?

2.  Extend your learning.  Dig deeper into the subject we're studying.  Become an expert!

3.  Work on missing work from this class or another class.

4.  Work on homework from any class. 

5.  Play a science game to strengthen your brain!
        Science Channel Games
        Mythbusters Games
        Brain Games Interactive Episodes