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Act 1, Part 1 and Part 2 (9/9/15)
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Well, we're counting down to the home stretch!!  I thought it would be helpful if I put up a calendar so we know what we're doing these last few weeks.  You guys have beena  fun, creative, silly, and wonderful class this year.  I'm sure proud of you!

Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday    Thursday        Friday

Listening Assmt. Roberto Clemente
    Start Roberto Clemente paragraph rewrite
Finish Roberto Clemente paragraph rewrite

Per 1 & 2 MAPs testing
Show and Tell
Horizons teacher here for 8th gd
7th gd J.A. field trip 
Start watching 42: Jack Robinson Story
Continue watching 42: Jack Robinson Story
ESL Field Trip
Finish 42

8th grade party

No School
7th gd Awards 9:45

6th gd Awards 12:45

8th gd Elitch's


Sign year books outside

10:30 8th gd Awards

April 2

      On Friday, April 3rd,  we will start writing a five paragraph essay that answers our big question: "Are we helping or hurting ourselves with instant communication technology?"  The students will have time to write in class, but they will also need to work on their writing at home.  Even though middle schoolers may seem independent enough to keep track of their own work, they still need their parents to check in with them.  Friday, after school, you might ask your child, "How did your outline and introductory paragraph for your ESL essay go?  Can you read it to me?"  This kind of check in only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and helps your child to know that you are involved and that they have your support.  By the following Wednesday, April 8, your child should be finished with a rough draft of the introduction and three body paragraphs.  By the weekend of the 11th and 12th, your child should have started revising his/her 5 paragraph essay, and should finish revising, editing, and polishing over the weekend.  The 5 paragraph essay is due, printed, by the beginning of class, Monday, April 13th.  If they do not have the essay ready and printed then they will not participate in the class room party on the 13th.

Thank you for your help and support in this.

Time line:

Friday, April 2: Class lesson--Finish your outline/ writing the introductory paragraph  (See if that link works--if not, go to  Sign in with google, go to"My Content" and watch first two videos.)

     Need help writing your introductory paragraph?  Go to my example argumentative essay on google drive

Saturday and Sunday: Revise introductory paragraph/ work on your outline (see assignments in schoology: "Making a Claim" (it will help you make your outline) and "Introductory Paragraph")

Monday, April 6: Class lesson--Writing the body paragraphs (Writing a topic sentence and transitions)

Watch this video about Thesis vs. Topic Sentences:

HOMEWORK:  make sure your outline is finished, and that you have a topic sentence for each (3) body paragraphs.  Go through your graphic organizers and find which evidence/ supporting details/ quotations you will use for each topic sentence.  Write it in the Evidence/ Example space.

Tuesday, April 7:  Class lesson--Organizing and color coding your evidence; Writing the body paragraphs (Reader's Response Sandwich and citations)

HOMEWORK:  Write your first and second BODY paragraphs.  Use the Reader's Response Sandwich to help you present your evidence.  Make sure your topic sentence supports the thesis, and that your evidence supports the topic sentence.

Wednesday, April 8: Class lesson--Writing the body paragraphs (using Reader's Response Sandwich and transitions)

Here's a structure for you to use with your paragraph.  It's color coded according to the Reader's Response Sandwich, and has places for Transition words.  You can make a copy of it and then just type your paragraph into the colored spaces.  The link will take you to document, but it's on page 2, it's called "How to go from an outline to a Paragraph:

HOMEWORK: finish the rough draft of your 1st and 2cd body paragraphs.  Make sure you've finished your introductory paragraph because we're going to use it tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9th:  Class lesson--Writing the Concluding paragraph

Friday (no school) and weekend of April 11 and 12th: Revise, edit, polish, and print

Monday, April 13th:  turn in essay at beginning of class, then rewards ourselves with a class party!

3/19:  The teachers have just posted their progress marks.  For students in my per. 1 class, you should see a progress mark/grade for each "bucket":  speaking, listening, reading,writing, and research and reasoning.  For my per 2. and 4 class you will see a grade for only 3 of the "buckets":  speaking, listening, and reading.  If there is a "N/A" or / instead of a grade in those buckets then it means that your student didn't turn in one of their assessments.  Please feel free to call or email me with questions.

We started the year off with ACCESS testing.  The students have been working hard on the test and giving it their best.  Thanks guys!  

Jan 19  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--No School! 

Welcome to the 2014--2015 school year!!!  I teach English as a Second Language to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  I know that many of my students want to exit ESL and join the regular Language Arts classes--I will be working my hardest to make that happen for my students!  But this require an equal effort from the student and parents.  If the three of us work together, we can make sure that your student has the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills that they need to succeed at Rocky Top and in high school.
    While they are in my class, students will be receiving extra support across the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening domains, with special focus on Reading and Writing.  In Writing, students are learning how to organize an essay, how to focus on a main idea, write a topic sentence, support their main idea with details and examples, and then end with a concluding sentence.  They are also focusing on incorporating high level academic vocabulary into their writing and speaking.  In Reading, students are learning not only how to summarize or retell the text that we just read, but also how to use higher level critical thinking skills like understanding the main idea, making inferences, drawing conclusions, making predictions, and understanding cause and effect relationships.  They are also being exposed to high level academic vocabulary in their texts.

Interesting vocabulary facts:  it is estimated the English has a vocabulary between 300,000 to 500,00 words!!  But on a daily basis most people get by with using just 1,500-3,000 words!!  In order to be successful during their first year of college, students should  with be able to understand and use 25,000 words.  The best way to learn more is to read!  Make sure your student reads 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  They should read not only fiction books, but non-fiction as well.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. 

 - Frederick Douglass

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. 

 - Emilie Buchwald

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance. 

 - Confucius

We use Schoology as our online classroom. You will find information about what the students are working on, assignment and project due dates, and homework.

Quizlet:  use this link to practice your flashcards and play fun games that test your knowledge of new vocabulary.

Per. 2 and 4

Per 1

Vocab during ACCESS: