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Welcome to Grizzly Country!

We are eager to meet our incoming sixth graders!

It's time to buy your Chromebook!!!
Click here for our buying guide!

Mark your calendars....

Join us for...Welcome to Grizzly Country & C.A.M.P. Grizzly! 2013/2014

Children Achieving Maximum Potential:

Supporting Transformation at The Top!

Participants will learn to care for their devices, how to navigate the internet safely as digital citizens, and how the technology will be used for educational purposes.

*Read and sign Supt. Policy 5035

*Sticker Chromebook

*Engrave Chromebook

*Google Username/Set up

*List of recommended/required apps (GPS and Parental Control included)

Expect to receive your 2013-14 schedule in the mail by August 12th.  If it does NOT arrive in the mail that day, please call our main office so that we can print or email you a copy prior to the evening events that week.
There will be other information included in the packet with your schedule and we'll provide a link to those documents HERE by August 9th.

(Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013)
As we endeavor to meet the ever-changing needs of students, we have a big change in store for next year....and the attached flyer will provide all the details.  If you would like to meet with us to discuss this school supply change, please join us in the RTMS cafetorium on Monday, June 10th at 5:30 PM.

Your only school supply: ****Google Chromebook****

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Transformation at the Top for 2013-14