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Get Familiar with Gmail

Get Familiar with Email

Take some time to play around with your school email!  Access your email and complete the following activity to help familiarize yourself with the Adams 12 Gmail


STEP 1: To open your Gmail, click on the  the Gmail icon in your app collection on  your Chromebook.

STEP 2: Click “Compose” and start typing Chelsea Behanna in the “To” field.  This is an easy way to email people who are part of the Adams 12 organization. Choose Chelsea Behanna from the pop down list.

STEP 3: Title your email with your name and write a message to Ms. Behanna.  Tell her about yourself (your hobbies, how you feel about coming to Rocky Top, etc.) and click send!  Great job! Then take some time to get to know your email, personalize it, etc.